E-Commerce Systems

Do you want to make new breakthroughs in e-commerce, one of the most valuable channels in the digital world? With EK Dizayn, which offers solutions and quality-oriented options that make a difference in the field of e-commerce, you can start to create a large market place.

With an e-commerce system designed entirely by you, you will feel the privileges of digital design.

As EK Dizayn, we promise you the perfect solution for everything related to digital, especially the services above. Moreover, we show that we care about you with budget-friendly options and alternatives that will enlarge your brand.

It is the site that has the first and most important goal to increase the sales of your online sales products. An online store should be easy to use and direct to the consumer; that is, presenting products of interest quickly and easily with rich text and image content.

Integrated presentation of each product

You can present each product with multiple photos, descriptions and videos. The page of each product is completely parametric to easily adapt to the needs of the product. Each product has the possibility to have different products such as color, size or package. All of the above functions are organized by a friendly atmosphere that anyone can easily handle after a few hours of training.

Easy Store Management

Manage yourself easily and quickly in your online store. It is especially important that an e-shop is run by its own owner, not a technician. A technician doesn't know the product, he doesn't know the company's customers. The e-store owner should be able to update their product stocks, update descriptions and photos, and manage their orders.

Auxiliary functions

Equip your e-store with all the features that will help the visitor find the product they want. Filters by product category attributes and smart search fields with keywords will quickly guide your visitors to the right products. The comparison feature will help your customer choose the right product among these products. Helpful features such as member registration, favorite list and Point System can establish a lasting relationship with guest visitors.

Analytical data

Your sales data is rich to you. You can see when you sold, what information you used when and which customers, an overview of your sales over time. You will also connect the online store with Google Analytics to see all the information your visitors have before they become customers. So you can control the traffic in your online store and identify failures or successes based on consumer behavior.

Connection with computerized systems

We can connect your online store to any computer system you use. For example, you can automatically set up your online store so that ERP automatically updates the inventory of products, so you can receive your orders directly from the ERP. After the construction of the website or provide in the online store Support packages. For all our services Visit our original website in Thessaloniki . You can also see some of the web pages we have created. characteristically Unlimited Items Calculate based on transport distance and weight Search Filters - Checkbox. Variations in each product - Color, size. Search by keyword - Search Bar Send Tracking Code to track order transfer from customer
Types of Online Stores
Online Store - (B2C)
Wholesale Store - (C2C) Your customers will see prices after logging in.
Online Store of intangible products (Services, Reservations, Software, Tickets, Subscriptions)
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
SSL - Green lock
Ordering with ERP
Automatic Product Update from ERP